For Your Love – S12:E29 featuring Noleta and Sicilia


Russian bombshells Noleta and Sicilia can’t keep their mouths and arms off of each other as they enjoy the fever of the sun, and as their zeal heats up they determine to take things inwards. Within moments of closing the door they have peeled off each other’s shorts and have fallen onto the couch with the force of their make out session.Noleta is hasty to peel off her t-shirt and Sicilia’s, and to prop Sicilia up on the couch with her trimmed honeypot in perfect eating position. Crouching down to get the finest angle possible, Noleta drowns her face in Sicilia’s tastey cooter and starts eating the blonde’s fuckhole and bunghole while at the same time pawing her clittie with her endowed thumb. The outstanding attention brings Sicilia to the brim of ecstasy quicker than she could have imagined, notably as Noleta brutally kneads her body and works her with taut shoves of her magic tongue.Knowing that Sicilia is close to cumming, Noleta positions herself so that she is tribbing with her sugary lover. The gals rip up their snatches together, wailing in tandem at the sugary-sweet friction that their pulsing cunts generate together.Once Sicilia has gave way to her first-ever climax, Noleta lays her down and uses the fluid running in streams from her poke hole to lubricate her fingers. Gliding them deep into Sicilia’s fuckbox, Noleta commences a fast and raging twat plowing that briefly sends Sicilia shattering into orgasmic wails once again.Now it’s Sicilia’s time to shine as she returns the favor for Noleta, and she sets to her task with a sneer. She embarks by using lengthy blistering slurps of her tongue up Noleta’s landing unwrap vulva, taking her time with sensual faps that speed up only tiny by lil’. Then she turns Noleta onto her belly so that she can have unfettered access to the blonde’s pearly gash and cornhole with her delicate saucy tongue.Noleta loves Sicilia’s slow warmup, but she can’t contain her squeals of fervor when Sicilia urges her onto her mitts and knees so that she can finger smash Noleta’s cum hungry labia with 2 fingers. Noleta’s enthusiastic sobs pack the room as she finally falls over the edge of ecstasy and comes apart underneath Sicilia’s incredible grope.

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