Flirty And Frisky – S13:E17 featuring Bruce Adventure and Tysen Prosperous


Tysen Rich is in the process of packing her belongings to stir with the help of Bruce Venture when things take a voluptuous turn. Bruce makes swift work of Tysen’s shirt and boulder-holder in inbetween massages to her petite bra-stuffers, and soon even her cutoffs are nothing but a memory.With only Tysen’s sheer thong between his mitt and his ultimate goal of her sugary-sweet pussy, Bruce slides his forearm underneath the bit of nothing and slips his frigs up and down her slick pussy. Tyler loves the grope for a bit, but her ultimate goal is to wrap her lips around Bruce’s rigid fake penis and nothing will stop her until she gets what she wants!Within moments, Tysen knows that she can’t go unfulfilled any longer. She flings her leg around her lover so that she is in the perfect posture to slip down on his monstrous pipe and pump her hips for some erotic friction that indeed gets her motor running.After flipping around for some switch sides cowgirl action, Tysen lodges onto her side so that Bruce can insert into her from behind in a spooning position that still gives them the hard deep intrusion they both crave along with the ideal chance for Bruce to use his forearms and gullet to delight Tysen’s tender puny hooters. As Tysen’s figure hums from her numerous ejaculations, she gets up on her knees and offers her cream-colored poon to Bruce for some doggie joy. Never one to say no to such delightful elations, Bruce plunges into her to supply a cootchie poking complete with spankings that leaves Tysen bellowing and weak with ultimate delectation.After taking several moments to bring himself to the very verge in Tysen’s super hot sheath, Bruce frees at the last second and climbs up her assets so that he can glob his flow into her waiting throat where Tysen impatiently takes and swallows every last glob of warm salty jizz.

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