Fine Tear up – S12:E4 featuring Bruce Adventure and Jessie Volt


Blond babe Jessie Volt is in the mood for some primping and preening. After turning on the douche she takes her time pruning and washing her hair, she is joined in the bathroom by Bruce Escapade who also needs to trim. Jessie can’t help but watch and shoot spunky sneers his way as he does his thing, and soon her come hither looks net her exactly what she cravings.Joining Jessie in the douche, Bruce doesn’t waste any time getting down on his knees and sliding his tongue into her super-steamy shaved gash. Turning her around, he enthusiastically laps the water from her hole and ass for several moments before rising to his soles and replacing his throat with his meaty pink cigar shoveled deep in Jessie’s cock-squeezing puss.The couple’s bathroom hook-up commences off rock hard and fast, with Bruce delivering a vagina boning from behind that fastly brings Jessie to her first orgasmic whip out. Turning the blond around in his forearms and lifting her up, Bruce resumes his prompt and raging tempo while liking his lover’s embrace and kisses.Although they both enjoy standing orgy, there are many other lubricious postures they can enjoy. Bruce takes advantage of the chair Jessie was using to shave, sitting himself down so that Jessie can slide down onto his humungous wood and rail him to her heart’s content.Deciding he’s had enough of the bathroom, Bruce elevates Jessie in his mitts and carries her to the living guest room couch so that they can continue their romp in nicer comfort. Jessie gets to proceed her cootchie ride while Bruce laps at her rock-hard nips, leaving her shrieking her ecstasy as he brings her over the brink yet again.Now it’s time to step back and slow things down temporarily, and Jessie does that by kissing her way down her lover’s torso and settling in for a humid, slippery sucky-sucky. She supplies her intimate kisses with a smile and lot eye contact, a mixture that drives Bruce super-naughty with wanting her!When he is unable to wait any longer to love the super-hot heat of Jessie’s running in streams fuck-hole again, Bruce spins her onto her back and slides his member home. Next the duo spins positions so that Jessie is curled up on top of her paramour and then slowly transitions so that Jessie is once again loving a kinky ride. As their insane fuckfest begins to step by step slow down, the paramours fall to their side so that Bruce can take Jessie while they lay together. Knowing that he’s getting close to his own release, Bruce spins so that he is smashing Jessie’s tender tasty honeypot doggie, his beloved. At the last moment before he loses his gooey load he unleashes and Jessie wags around to open her eager hatch and take his jizm with a sneer of ultimate fulfillment.

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