Fascinated – S17:E12 featuring Kinsley Eden and Ryan Driller


Blonde stunner Kinsley Eden waits with baited breath for Ryan Driller to join her. When he eventually arrives, she can’t help but tease him by squeezing her boobies in an invitation to come inwards. Her advances get more blatant when she forearms Ryan a swallow and displays him her lack of undies beneath her skirt.Ryan can’t wait another moment to have his arms on Kinsley, so he sets down his glass and presses her back against the ottoman with lengthy kisses as his hand slinks beneath her micro-skirt to press against her red-hot fuckbox. When Kinsley falls back onto the ottoman, Ryan bends down to submerge his face in her well-trimmed labia while his arms paw her full funbags.Kinsley isn’t about to let Ryan have all the fun, as she showcases when she thrusts him onto his butt on the sofa so that she can get on her knees and dive down onto his dick. Her grinning gullet is molten and wet as she bobs her head in a lusty oral job that truly gets Ryan’s motor running!Although he’s loving the heat of Kinsley’s hatch and gentle tongue, there’s an even hotter fever that Ryan wants to sink his manmeat into. Flipping Kinsley onto her back, he thrusts himself deep into her thirsty slot and goes to town shoving in and out of her hard enough to get her cupcakes juggling.Switching things up, Kinsley gets on her knees and bends forth until her head massages the ottoman. Ryan takes her blatant invitation and comes in her from behind, providing her the from the rear twat pounding that she thirsts. When Kinsley’s moans of pure gusto start to fill the bedroom, Ryan takes the invitation to go faster than ever until he sends her over the verge of ecstasy.Although her coochie walls are still throbbing with the energy of her last orgasm, Kinsley isn’t well-prepped to abandon. Instead, the horny nubile decides to go for a stiffie rail as she brings herself to another fast orgasm thanks to the perceive of Ryan’s rock-hard lollipop submerged deep inwards of her.No sooner has Ryan brought her off, then Kinsley works to return the favor. It takes her but a moment to get down on her knees and work Ryan’s member with her endowed palms until he pours out in her mouth. Kinsley swallows every last drop with a smirk, and then pulls Ryan’s penis to rest between her hooters as they both bask in the afterglow of their explosive orgy.

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