Eyeing Her – S32:E21 featuring John Price and Lana Roy


John Price loves to watch, as his red-hot Russian gf Lana Roy showcases how she luvs to have her clean-shaven twat groped. They love some mutual onanism, each with their hands on their respective bodies and their eyes on the other. Lana is the first to violate, beckoning John close with a fast or her eyebrow and a swipe of her tongue via her pointy lips.Drawing John’s hardon close, Lana examines the length and girth with her mitts and gullet. She enjoys herself enormously, but John isn’t about to let her have all the joy. He presses her back in the bed and spurts to his abdomen so he can sample Lana’s succulent mayo. Swapping places with her after a thorough exploration, he lets her resume her sugary-sweet and cool DEEP MOUTH.Climbing on top of John, Lana slowly submerges down until she is slowly impaled on his stiffie. John slips his palms underneath Lana’s bum, cupping her bottom as he helps her set a pace that is mutually pleasurable. Bending forth, Lana rocks her hips in a primal tempo as her funbags smother John and her musk perfumes the apartment.When Lana turns around, all hints of the shy coed are gone. Reverse cowgirl hits a entire lot of delicate catches sight of deep inside that Lana has been missing, and it makes this lil lamb go nasty. She rails at a much quicker pace, liking every slip and glide on her boyfriend’s pinkish cigar before switching things up again.On her arms and knees, Lana watches over her shoulder as John reenters her from behind. Doggie lets Lana rock back to meet each of John’s jerks. The motility plus his fuckbox plumbing blend to leave her petite hooters jiggling beneath her in a sensual counterpoint to the stiff shovels. The couple rearranges themselves again as Lana spoons in front of John and hoists one hip high in the air so he can thrust back inwards. Her sunburn lines gleam against her sensitized skin as she opens herself up downright to their mutual fervor. Turning onto her back, Lana lets John bring her off one last time before she gets on her knees and waits with her jaws open to receive a facial of salty cum.

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