Excellent Morning Enjoy – S19:E30 featuring Gia Paige and Preston Parker


Luscious Gia Paige wakes up alone in couch but shifts over to find a note on her cushion from Preston Parker. Pawed by his delicious words, she crawls out of couch and goes off in search of her beau to give him deep kisses of thankfulness. When she finds Preston open to her advances, Gia makes it clear to him that he won’t be getting work done any time soon.Dropping to her knees, Gia unleashes Preston’s jizz-shotgun and gives him a steaming smirk before leaning forward to press her tongue to his head and lollipop. Once she’s had a appetizing taste of her boy’s spear, she dives in with no holds barred. She even gets her arms in on the action to stimulate Preston’s rip up stick and then to anchor him in place as she takes as much of him as she can in her hatch.Hopping up onto the desk, Gia puts her diminutive all naturals right at the brilliant height for Preston to gobble and suckle. He spends some time loving those pint-sized delights and then smooches his way down Gia’s bod until she has bent down on all 4s to give him nicer access to her butt and naked labia. From there, it’s not lengthy before he has lodged himself down for a lengthy muff gobbling that includes plenty of assfucking play as he leaves no fragile inch unlicked. After slipping a finger into Gia’s fuckhole to make sure she’s uber-cute and prepped for him, Preston urges his lover to the side of the desk so that he can press his faux-cock deep into her from behind. Gia’s moan of approval packs the guest room as Preston sets a pace with lengthy slow jerks that only comply to stroke the fire within them both. It’s not long before Gia is juggling along in time with Preston’s wanks, ensuring that her needs are faced as well as his.Sitting back down on his desk tabouret, Preston waits for Gia to slide down onto his faux-cock. The 2nd she’s safely mounted, he slides his hands up to cup her mild boobies while frolicking with her ultra-sensitive rigid puffies as she heads to work pumping her thighs. As her delectation gets bigger, Gia can’t contain the volume of her sobs of awakening, especially once she adjusts her stance so that she is punctured at the perfect angle for some bootie juggling activity.Gia is so close to jizzing that she can practically taste it, but she wants Preston to do the final work for her. Laying on her back on the desk with her hips stretch broad to accommodate her lover, Gia whimpers with rapture when Preston pins the skin around her joy button and then plenty of drives her needy vagina. All of Preston’s attention eventually pays off when Gia’s climax rolls thru her like a freight train and leaves her choking for breath.Knowing that it’s his turn after a job well done pleasing his dame, Preston likes the last few moments of Gia’s humid heat with long slow strokes. He lingers buried in her cootchie until the last moment. Then, whipping out, he lets her take aim so that it’s her choice to decorate her gentle mounds and abdomen with his jism shot that leaves her dribbling humid and fully satiated.

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