Enjoy To Taunt – S33:E16 featuring Murgur and Viviana


Murgur luvs taking images of super-fucking-hot dolls like Viviana. Viviana loves having her photograph taken., It’s a match made in heaven. She dresses in a velvety glide that leaves highly little to the imagination and sneers as Murgur lets his camera love on her assets. Unwrapping slowly for both Murgur and his flick, Viviana teases with peeks at her bra-stuffers and a superb long look at her culo in its g-string.Lifting her mini-skirt once again, Viviana advances on Murgur and his camera and shoves him rearwards onto the couch. He puts up no resistance as she unbuttons his jeans and whips out his beef whistle. Instead, he presses his finger into her facehole for Viviana to inhale as a preview for what her perky lips are going to do to his erection. As briefly as she has liberated her new fave plaything, Viviana focuses all her attention on licking away at Murgur’s giant stiffie.When Viviana lays back on the bed, Murgur gets the hint and gets up from his lying stance to crouch inbetween her hips. She slips her panty to the side, opening herself up for Murgur’s gifted tongue to do its worst. He leans in impatiently, indulging in a full-on vulva feast with slew of act for both Viviana’s puss and her yam-sized pearl.Since Viviana is already laying down, Murgur relocates to lay behind her. Spooning close, he pulls Viviana’s back to his chest and raises one of her gams in the air. Her panty remains pulled to the side as Murgur shovels himself testicles deep into Viviana’s welcoming vulva. Smooching her shoulder and cheek, he fondles her funbags and her nub as his hips set a rhythm that leaves Viviana groaning.As much as Viviana is luving her spooning fuck-fest, she wants something deeper. She takes a moment to let Murgur loosen her of her lingerie, then gets on her mitts and knees so he can take her from behind. He keeps up his constant pace, but as he continues to drive in and out of Viviana’s greedy mitten he speeds his pushes up and pulls her close to change up the angle of intrusion.Smiling and mocking, Murgur takes a seat and pulls Viviana on top of him. She knows just what to do, impaling herself on his tear up lollipop and railing him in rcg. Murgur is still in manage, guiding Viviana’s masturbates with his palms and sometimes shoveling up to make their connection deeper than ever. When Viviana lays down with her back pressed to Murgur’s chest, he takes over fully once again to set a breakneck pace as Viviana paws her own elation button.Recovering enough to proceed her ride, Viviana turns around for some cowgirl act. This position lets her lean forth for an personal connection with Murgur as she brings him close to the edge of endurance. As he perceives his climax becoming unavoidable, Murgur hoists Viviana in his hands and spins her onto her back sans ever cracking stride. He picks up the tempo, providing it his all until the last moment, when he whips out so that Viviana can goal his spunk shot all over her trimmed vulva.

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