Enjoy Making Enjoy – S21:E1 featuring Isiah Maxwell and Scarlet Red


Isiah Maxwell is waiting for Scarlet Crimson to be completed getting prepped to go out, but when his blondie paramour struts into the apartment dressed in a matching hooter-sling and g-string there’s no question about going anywhere. Isiah witnesses as Scarlet does a lusty dance for his pleasure, and then pulls her close when she approaches the bench where he’s sitting. Shortly his mitt is tightly planted inbetween Scarlet’s legs as they kiss so that he can delectation her from top to bottom.Dropping to his knees, Isiah pulls Scarlet’s g-string aside and then presses a finger deep into her milky pearly snatch. The new position gives him ideal access to glide his tongue along her pearl, using the dual whammy to leave her moaning. By the time Isiah is eventually finished love the taste of Scarlet’s fuckhole, the blonde’s nude beaver is glossy with her muff fluid and throbbing with the need to get crammed!First, though, Scarlet’s snatch is going to have to wait. She gets down on her knees and pulls out Isiah’s thick stiffie. The 2nd it springs free from his trunks, Scarlet wraps her forearms around his spunk-pumps and begins milking and deepthroating. She’ll do whatever it takes for Isiah’s pleasure, peculiarly when it comes to deep-throating him until her lips practically smooch his torso.Getting down on her arms and knees, Scarlet hums in awakening as she finally gets her ultimate dream. Isiah slides in slowly at first, but before long he’s going to town delivering a decent pussy plowing. Things get even hotter when Scarlet shifts onto her back and hoists one leg high in the air so that Isiah can hit her tasty spot with every single stroke.Adjusting his position so that he is half-spooning with Scarlet, Isiah takes things long and slow as he maintains private eye contact with his lover. His jacks are a stable tender rocking pace now as he gradually works Scarlet to the edge of climax. When she is about prepared to erupt, he lays down on his back and lets her straddle him and slide down onto his dildo for a stiffie rail that final brings her off.As Scarlet’s cunt is throbbing with arousal, she pulls Isiah out and caresses his bulge up and down her bare slit for several moments. Then she goes back to work, teasing and slurping and fellating until Isiah fills her gullet with a cum explosion that leaves her smiling and totally sated.

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