Dreamed – S21:E14 featuring Brad Sterling and Sydney Cole


Sydney Cole is visiting with her bf Brad Sterling. When he won’t pay her the attention she thinks she deserves, Sydney struts to the other side of his desk and makes sure that he knows exactly what she wants. Shortly Brad is gargling Sydney’s globes and rubbin’ his forearms all over her lithe figure. Leading Brad by the forearm, Sydney moves to the brink of his desk. She leaps up and spreads her gams broad, making it effortless for Brad to spin her g-string down her long gams and then settle in for a bald gash celebrate. He can’t get enough of Sydney’s delicious semen as he holds nothing back lapping away at her fragile muff.After peeling off her clothes down to her high high-heeled footwear, Sydney droplets to her knees and pulls Brad’s trousers down. The moment his schlong springs free-for-all her throat goes to work, licking and deepthroating him off with 100% passion. Brad can only stand and enjoy the lusty bj as Sydney makes love to him with her super-fucking-hot moist hatch. Jumping back up onto the desk, Sydney hoists one gam so that it rests on Brad’s shoulder and opens her bare cunny up for him to glide into her. He takes his time, shoveling with lengthy masturbates that get Sydney’s motor running and her breath entering short chokes. When Brad places his arm on her torso to anchor her down, Sydney can’t stash her sheer joy. When Sydney gets onto her feet and turns around so that the desk can support her upper assets, Brad knows what his girlfriend indeed wants. He plunges back into her envelope, abandoning his gentler milks in favor of a utter on cootchie poking. Sydney loves the harsher therapy, but even more she wants to be in charge of her ultimate delight.Urging Brad onto the desk, Sydney climbs aboard and slides down for a total on stiffie rail in her greedy labia. She punches off a prompt and uncontrollable pulverize jamboree, moving her thighs so stiff and swift that her total perky orbs wiggle and shake. Since Sydney knows exactly what she enjoys it’s not lengthy before she has brought herself over the brim of rapture.Hopping off of Brad’s knob, Sydney immediately goes back to work with her warm tiny throat. She deep throats log and hard, knowing that she’s not going to stop until Brad has filled her mouth with his jizz shot. Even after she gets what she wants, she takes the time to lap away at his beef whistle for several last moments of delight.

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