December 2020 Fantasy Of The Month – S1:E6 featuring Gina Gerson and Raul Costa


This month’s fantasy of the month, Gina Gerson, has taken the time to describe her brilliant sequence. This sensual cutie wants flowers, elegance, and a caress of class. She gets it, with a lengthy impetuous dress, a couch of rose petals to rub all over her skin, and Raul Costa in a tux to run a rose along her skin.Just as Gina requested, Raul takes things slow. He taunts her with the rose until her puffies are lovely and rock hard, then goes in to explore Gina’s bod with jiggly openmouthed kisses and tiny flicks of his tongue. When Raul has made sure to give Gina slew of warmup action, he finally makes his way between her thighs to deliver a languorous cooch celebrate to Gina’s bare vagina.Turning Gina over onto her abdomen, Raul gives her back a long lick. A moment afterwards, he pulls his hardon from his trousers and slowly thrusts it all the way inwards. Gina’s groan is all the permission Raul needs to keep going as he sets a slow and stable tempo that step by step picks up speed. When Gina gets onto her knees, the angle of intrusion changes so that Raul is hitting all Gina’s finest catches sight of.Raul takes his turn on his back as Gina fumbles his hardon with her talented feet. Then she curls up with Raul spooning behind her and taking her from behind. The pose makes Raul hammer Gina ultra-cute and deep as she lifts one gam to let him in. It also makes it plain for Raul to reach down and paw Gina’s clit to dual down on her sensation.Rolling onto his back, Raul helps Gina mount top of him. When Gina slides down onto his faux-cock, Raul warps his palm around her to secure her in place. That stance has the added bonus of letting Raul rest his arms on Gina’s bum to squash her softest parts as they enjoy each other’s charms.Gina climbs off Raul’s hardon, then slurps her own testicle tonic from her private toy. She’s nearly sated, but has one more round of luving left in her. Laying on her back, Gina salutes Raul back inside as he gives her a final climax. Then he lets out and lets Gina stroke him off so that he decorates her nude labia in his love.

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