Dearest Babysitter – S39:E26 featuring Eliza Ibarra,Jake Adams and Kuleana


Eliza Ibarra and her husband, Jake Adams, are antsy for a night out with just the adults. They bring in their nanny, Kuleana, to just watch over everything for the evening once everyone is in couch. Kuleana has a monstrous crush on Jake, so she’s glad to make some currency chilling at his place and fantasizing about getting with him for the evening. When Kuleana realizes that Jake has left a jacket on the bed, she takes a deep sniff and then slips it on. Sensing wrapped in Jake’s aroma, she finds herself inclined to fap. First, tho, she notices a camera and figures she can use it to create a real fantasy that she can revisit time and again. Setting the camera up with a gauze, she Kuleana embarks recording and then heads to work rubbin’ her fun bags and petting her poon on film.Kuleana isn’t expecting Jake and Eliza home, but when she hears them arrive she has to scramble to get herself clad. She dips out of the palace sans realizing that she forgot to take the gauze out of the camera! Once the nanny is gone, Jake gets settled on the bed and notices that the camera isn’t where it should be. Curious, he turns it on and begins eyeing as Kuleana gets nude on film right before his eyes.Jake takes a moment to collect himself, then calls Eliza in to watch what she thinks. Eliza thinks it’s warm! She observes from her spouse’s stiffie that Jake thinks it’s red-hot, too. Without skipping a hit, Eliza grasps Jake’s lips in a searing smooch. She wastes no time getting Jake’s hardon out of his trousers and laying herself down on the couch to begin blowing him off.By this point, Kuleana has realized that she forgot the tape. She tries to slink back to the palace to retrieve it, but when she ambles in she’s greeted with one hell of a view. Kuleana has attempted to be stealthy, but of course Eliza and Jake notice her. Much to Kuleana’s surprise, they invite her to join in on their zeal and turn it into a three way.Kuleana isn’t about to reject this opportunity to live out her wishes about Jake. She joins Eliza in sucking Jake’s giant man-meat, taking her turn with astounding zeal. Eliza is a gracious accomplice, letting Kuleana blow her cram. The 3 begins shedding their clothes, and then once again Eliza makes sure that Kuleana is luving herself by letting Kuleana get on her forearms and knees with Jake taking her in doggy as she munches out Eliza’s mammary cootchie.Eliza eventually gets her turn with her husband’s trouser snake as Jake gets on the sofa on his back. She glides down onto his faux-cock with Kuleana helping to guide the way. Kuleana is there for every moment of it as Eliza rides, using her fingers and throat to dual down on both of their gusto as she uses her free-for-all palm to jerk.Swapping catches sight of with Kuleana, Eliza takes her turn assuring her babysitter’s blessing. Kuleana finds herself facing Jake, enjoying a lusty ride as Jake deepthroats her full funbags. When they switch it up again, Eliza winds up on her back with Jake humping between her hips and Kuleana riding shotgun on her face. That pose lets Kuleana skinny forth as Jake reaches the end of his stamina to open her throat broad in an invitation for Jake to give her the facial cumshot of her cravings.

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