Crimson Torrid Summer – S33:E3 featuring Angelika Grays and Oliver Penis


Wonderful in a bikini and high heeled sandals, Angelika Grays gets cozy by the swimming pool for a tanning sesh. Her beau Oliver Salami helps her out by bringing her a mind-blowing swallow, but as Angelika takes a sip she realizes there’s something she wants even more. Unbuckling Oliver’s denim, she is gratified to observe his stiffie spring free. Her forearms and jaws home in on that handle as she luvs a oral gusto BJ with a side of handie act.The couple relocates to a padded bench so they can get a lil’ more physical together. Angelika continues her sucky-sucky from this fresh angle with Oliver seated. Meantime, his palms wander her tight, needy body. In come back, Oliver helps Angelika out of her swimsuit as he peppers her sumptuous figure with smooches. Arranging her on the sofa, he stretches her hips broad and buries his tongue all the way into her taut vag.Once he is ensured that Angelika is wet and prepped for him, Oliver gets to his soles and drives himself all the way inside her welcoming warmth. His mitts are easily able to massage Angelika’s baps as he pumps his hips back and forward. Angelika greets him inwards impatiently, screaming and leaning her back to make his jerks even deeper.Then Angelika gets to her knees and leans over the back of the bed. The new pose puts her at the flawless height for a doggy-style cunny pounding. Oliver takes her up on that sensual offer, driving deep and providing her every inch of his hard pummel manhood.Oliver takes Angelika’s place on the couch as Angelika sucks her own juices from his beefstick. Then she climbs into his lap, pressing her bosoms into his face as she mounts him and rides him in cowgirl. Turning around, she resumes her stiffie ride, juggling so rigid and hasty that her diminutive mammories are a shaking blur. As she nears her orgasm, Angelika falls to the side so that Oliver can lift her hip and bring her home from behind.Dropping to her knees, Angelika opens wide and heads back to sucking as Oliver milks himself off. Working together, they bring him to a point of no come back. Angelika has been waiting for this moment with her jaws open. Oliver gives her the facial she covets. As his jizm drips down Angelika’s torso, she puts her gullet back to work spreading his cum everywhere and continuing to enjoyment the ultra-sensitive apex.

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