Compromising Postures – S10:E3 featuring Carla Cox and Figo


Carla Cox has disrobed off her pants and glided her hand down her sheer undies to jerk when her stud Figo snoops her in a compromising position. Rather than get offended, he decides to join her for some sexual joy that will sate both of their lusty needs!Slipping off Carla’s panties, Figo slips his tongue down her saucy fuckbox and then heads to work on her sensitized landing undress cootchie. Finding Carla moist and prepped, he alternates between pumping her channel with two firm fingers and working her needy clittie with his talented throat.Eventually the couple’s clothes go flying and Carla switches postures so that she is on her knees with the sofa supporting her. The change opens her sensitized pussy to Figo’s masterful tongue and thumb as he works her already-dripping coochie into a cascading mud that can’t wait to be crammed and pounded.Eager to repay some of the elation her boy has given her, Carla reaches for Figo’s rigid manstick and woos him to lie back while she produces an amazing oral gusto. Her sensitized arms and sizzling eager mouth work in tandem as she delectations her bf’s beef whistle and nutsack.Finally the couple consummates their enjoy when Carla climbs aboard her man’s lap and slides down on him in reverse cowgirl fashion. Figo can’t keep his hands off of the blonde’s juggling knockers as she pumps up and down on his rigid rosy cigar in a tempo that gets both of them even sexier.Carla lies down on her back next so that she can let Figo do the work for a while. He raises her gam and glides home, packing her and beating her hot spot in an eventually satisfying stance. As things speed up and Carla’s fuckbox gets a decent thorough ravaging, her groans of rapture fill the apartment and her climax breaks over her.Getting back onto her forearms and knees, Carla takes her guy’s manhood doggie-style. He sets a constant rhythm that brings him right to the edge. At the last moment he pulls out, unleashing his sticky blast all over Carla’s waiting smooth back and bottom.

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