Come And Get It – S22:E25 featuring Alexis Brill and Kristof Cale


It’s playtime with Alexis Brill and Kristof Cale when Alexis turns down to give Kristof his shirt. He tempts her closer, and once she’s near enough to capture he pulls her in for a deep smooch. Kristof’s lips are delicate but insistent, and it’s not long before Alexis finds herself on her back with her nipples meticulously bj’ed and Kristof’s face sunk between her hips. Her screams only get bigger in volume as Kristof presses a finger into her liquid insides for a poon frigging.Turning the tables on Kristof, Alexis pushes him to his feet and then pulls his pants down so that his full salute springs free. His stiffie is already firm when her lips close around it, and her fellating just gets him even more revved on. It’s not long before Alexis is slurping away like a Hoover, delivering a delightful FELLATIO.After Kristof lays down on the sofa, Alexis waves one leg over his body so that she is sitting astride him. Sidling up his bod, she plants her cunt on his face so that he can lap away at her seed. The she slides lower, lightly taking Kristof’s chisel deep in her lusty fuckbox and then setting off on a breakneck tempo that satisfies them both.Falling to her side, Alexis grins with sheer blessing as Kristof spoons behind her and then enters her from that posture. They commence off a bit slower, but it’s not long before Kristof is pounding her rock-hard enough to make her mounds juggle. Her bosoms proceed to sway when Alexis gets on her palms and knees to give Kristof the from the rear nail that will leave them prepped to explode.Feeling Alexis’s taut coochie convulsing around him as she spunks, Kristof reaches the end of his stamina. He pulls out at the last possible moment, taking purpose at Alexis’s rock hard bottom and frosting her in his spunk shower. Then he spoons behind her, prepped to proceed teasing as they enjoy the afterglow of a great time.

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