Center Of Attention – S8:E2 featuring Gina Gerson,Lutro and Rasty


Super-sexy Gina Gerson is prepped and willing to be satiated by 2 eager men in this scorching appointment. Lutro and Rasty waste no time getting began, running their hands all over Gina’s body to slip inwards the bowls of her hooter-sling and the sheer silk of her panties.As both boys suckle Gina’s diamond stiff nipples, Rasty is the first-ever to caress her trimmed vulva. When he finds her wet and prepared, the guys work together to elevate her up so that they can remove her panties. Lutro takes the opportunity to dive in to her cascading gash, submerging his face in her pussy and then following up with his hard frigs. Gina knows that her boys need sensation, too, and she is blessed to deliver. Spinning onto her forearms and knees, she wraps her lil mitts and throat around Lutro’s huge firm fuck-stick while Rasty continues slurping her out from behind. Incapable to resist the seduction of her tight pummel hole, Rasty stands and slips his schlong into Gina’s tight beaver Next it’s time to give Lutro a stiffie rail.Gina turns so that she can submerge onto her guy’s jizz-shotgun while delivering a hand job to Rasty. She cheerfully munches her own taste from her guy’s fellow sausage as she is being pounded from behind by Lutro.The fellows turn Gina over onto her back so that they can boink her from each side while touching her figure and baps. Then they adjust their posture once again to let her ride her guy Lutro while continuing to deepthroat and gobble her stud’s meatpipe. Finally things tranquil down as Gina lies on her side inbetween Rasty and Lutro. Rasty curls up behind his doll to spoon with her and piston into her from behind, while Gina uses her hands and throat to sensation Lutro’s pipe.Finally the stable pulsating invasion sends Gina skyrocketing over the edge of zeal as she ejaculations with a choke of enjoyment. Impatient to reward her boys for their rock-hard work on her behalf, Gina kneels between them and uses one hand on each penis to jerk them off one after the other into her open waiting throat.

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