Capture The Moment – S25:E18 featuring Alex Grey and Damon Dice


Alex Grey and Damon Dice have just enjoyed a ultra-cute evening out, but they hardly made it inwards before feasting on each other’s lips. Damon can slightly wait to commence getting Alex out of her sundress. Pulling the microskirt up, he fumbles her rump in its panty thong. Then he pulls the dress’s bodice down so he can grope her knockers as Alex helps the fabric glide the rest of the way to the floor. Once Alex has worked Damon out of his shirt, all bets are off when it comes to delectation.Holding Alex so her back beats his pecs, Damon winds his other forearm around her slim thighs so he can bowl the scorching heart of her where it throbs beneath her panty. Then he gently pushes Alex forth so he can pull her g-string aside and sink his face in her musky cooch with forays up to tantalize her arsehole. As Damon lodges into a tempo for his cunt celebrate, Alex commences bucking her hips backward to the same primal hit. Rolling onto her forearms and knees, Alex takes a moment to peel her g-string off so that she’s down to just her high heels. Then she bends forward and takes Damon’s hardon in her mitt to start draining. Opening her mouth, she slides his stiffie into the torrid humidity and deep-throats him like a Hoover.Falling onto her back, Alex stretches her gams and lets Damon lift one ankle so that it is propped on his shoulder. He slides into her leisurely, seeing the play of lust on her face as he packs her to the brim. Then he commences prodding in lengthy milks that are absolutely pleasant for both of them. When Alex gets on her palms and knees to take a proper cooch romping from behind while Damon anchors himself with his forearms on her hips, their mutual pleasure is terrific.Laying down on his back, Damon tugs at Alex’s hips to help her into posture. When she slides down onto his hardon, it’s pure bliss for both of them. Rocking back and forth, she rides Damon’s stiffie with enlargening speed until her knockers are juggling and her breath is entering panting screams. As her climax trembles through her body, she climbs off of Damon’s faux-cock and continues blowing and stroking until he adorns her face with a shower of jizm.

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