Cant Wait – S25:E12 featuring Antonio Suleiman and Vera Wonder


Vera Wonder meets her beau Antonio Suleiman on a bridge outdoors, and practically before she knows it she has been pulled into his arms for a smooch. She finds him already rock-hard, and like the wild lover she is she decides that outdoors is the perfect place to sate her dude. Releasing his stiffie, she spurts to her knees and deepthroats rapid and firm with her puffy lips as Antonio rocks his hips to pummel her gullet.Although their illicit coupling is hot as hell, Antonio decides to buckle his belt so that they can relocate inwards. It’s not long before he has cropped out Vera’s puffy all naturals and peeled off her microskirt so that he can grab her bootie. By the time Vera’s thong bashes the ground, Antonio has also unclothed out of his clothes.Guiding Vera to the ottoman, Antonio urges her onto her back and stretches her hips. Getting on all fours in front of her, he samples her clean-shaven pussy cream with a lengthy, slow eat and then dives in. His tongue works in overtime along with his lips, driven by Vera’s obvious eagerness. Adding two thumbs to the mix, Antonio finds just the right spot to make his gf see stars as he slurps her clitoris.Curling up behind Vera, Antonio slips into her from behind until he is totally seated deep inside. He pushes his hips in lengthy, slow drains that are designed to drive her fantasy to a warmth pitch. Reaching over Vera’s bod, he resumes to work her love button with his thumbs before his hands home in on her generous bumpers to wring them and stroke her rock-hard puffies.As Vera comes down from her very first orgasm, she presses Antonio onto his back. Now that he’s in posture, she opens her pointy lips to take him into her mouth again. Flipping her exotic eyes up to see Antonio’s answer, she keeps on blowing until she’s well-prepped for plump two.Relocating to the bed, Vera gets on her arms and knees to welcome Antonio into her cock-squeezing cooch from behind. Her shaved cunny runs in rivulets with testicle tonic as Antonio delivers a proper beaver smashing. When she spins over and lets him shove both of her legs high in the air so that he can achieve the deepest possible angle, she finds herself right on the verge of cumming.Turning onto her stomach, Vera groans in excitement as Antonio brings her to the brim of an explosive climax. She falls off the cliff, and her pulsating inner muscles leave him unable to hold back a moment longer. Unleashing at the last moment, he frosts Vera’s back in a flow of sizzling jizz before pressing inside her one last time to help her rail out the last of her orgasmic aftershocks.

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