Bottoms Up – S36:E20 featuring Doll D and Michael Fly


Looking fine in a dress that’s meant to impress, Lady D puts the finishing fumbles on her makeup and then struts into the living bedroom knowing she’s looking good. When her rendezvous, Michael Fly, arrives, he pours them each a glass of bubbly. Imagine Michael’s surprise when Damsel D jacks her glass, takes Michael’s from his arm, and then thrusts him back onto the bed.Crawling on top of Michael, Girl D makes it clear that she’s definitely after the sensation that only his figure can provide. Michael is already rock hard beneath his pants. When Nymph D spunks his stiffie out, there’s slew for her to love as she wanks and fellates to her heart’s content. The only thing that can distract this slender lovemaking kitty from her beloved handle is the opportunity to go for a ride!Once she’s punctured on Michael’s swelling, Damsel D rocks her hips in a sensuous rhythm. Bending back, she changes up the angle of penetration to hammer just the right catches sight of that leave her groaning. Then she turns around and plants her soles on Michael’s thighs. Bending back once again, Dame D bounces up and down with Michael’s hands on her hips guiding her every mobility.When Damsel D is prepped for a break, she falls to her side with Michael spooned behind her. The posture is flawless for Michael to nudge one of Female D’s thighs up so he can slide back in. Cuddling close, Michael gives it to Female D slow and steady to the tune of her tender bellows.Things pick up again when Doll D gets on her knees with her hands on the back of the couch. Michael reenters her smooth vag, then winds his mitt in her hair to anchor himself in place. Pulling down his palms to Female D’s hips, Michael sets a hasty rhythm that leaves Female D’s whole assets shivering in sensuous bliss. She’s primed to spunk as she shifts onto her back and spreads her hips for Michael to take her home.As Woman D gushes in ecstasy, Michael keeps on pumping. Damsel D’s muff walls are rapid to milk his orgasm out. Shoving deep, he gives Nymph D the internal ejaculation she’s been after since the moment she threw him down onto the bed to have her naughty way with him.

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