Biz Or Delight – S21:E18 featuring Antonia Sainz and Max Dior


Max Dior is stiff at work when his secretary Antonia Sainz trips while bringing his coffee. She returns with another glass and a flip of paper towels so she can tidy up the mess. Max enjoys the sight for a moment when Antonia’s brief mini-skirt rails up to show off her donk and g-string, and then goes in for a taste when he can’t take it any longer. Briefly he has unwrapped his prim secretary and lodged her on his desk tabouret for a lusty bald muff celebrate.Slipping first-ever one finger and then another deep into Antonia’s vag, Max simultaneously works her bean with his brainy tongue. Antonia is fairly vocal in her approval, especially once she reaches down to squash her humungous areola bra-stuffers that are always in need of a supreme rub. When Max embarks working overtime with his gullet, Antonia abandons her grab on her joy bags and simply hangs on for precious life as he drives her to gusto town.Switching catches sight of with Max so that he bends against his desk while she is on her knees, Antonia gets him out of his clothes. Once his stiffie springs free-for-all she arches forward to wrap her fragile lips around his sausage and begins inhaling. Her visible gusto of her firm handle is just what Max needs to be ragingly firm and prepared to go.When Antonia hops up onto the desk chair and pushes her bootie in the air so that Max can lightly access her sleek slit from behind, she doesn’t have long to wait. Coming up to her from behind, Max glides his hardon deep into Antonia’s greeting folds and punches off a ball spanking tempo that primes them both for a phat finish.Laying on his back on the floor, Max pulls Antonia on top of him so that she can glide down until his man-meat is entirely seated within her. Shoving while Max guides her with his mitts on her thighs, she keeps the rhythm that he sets. It senses awesome, but even nicer is when Antonia relocates to the desk and spreads her legs so that Max can supply a slit penetrating while she fondles her love button for double pleasure.That’s the pose that eventually does it for Antonia, who comes apart with a gasp of awakening when Max reaches up to grasp her funbags and squeeze. She turns on her side and urges him to keep going so she can find another prompt climax. Her pulsing cootchie walls are just the mild stress that Max needs to fly over the brink himself, and he unleashes just in time to give Antonia the jizz shower she deserves.

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