Bathed In Enjoy – S32:E20 featuring Baby Nicols and Kristof Cale


Baby Nicols is prepped for a romantic night in as she glides out of her sheer boulder-holder and underpants beside a bath that she has filled with super hot water. She takes her time, rubbing her petite fun bags and thumbing her dusky nips to rock-hard peaks. Slipping into her tub, she luvs the feather paw of rose petals against her soft flesh before gliding her frigs between her thighs to work her clittie in a languorous getting off session. Baby is just getting to the great part when Kristof Cale joins her in the bathroom. Getting on all fours behind Baby, Kristof covers her eyes and then goes in for a kiss when she welcomes him with a grin. Shortly enough, Kristof’s arms have replaced Baby’s as his throat and tongue ramble her neck and ear.Loving the feel of Kristof’s hands on her assets just revs Baby’s motor even higher. She waits for him to bring her off, then turns around in the bathtub so she can wrap her puffy lips around the lady of his fake penis. Throating Kristof off is a pure delectation that gets even nicer as he joins Baby in the tub. The fresh angle lets Baby lick and blow her way to a dt BJ that is a preview of the intrusion to come.Remaining seated in the bath, Kristof pulls Baby into his lap. He’s all slicked up from her spit and the water, making it easy for her to slip down on top of his hardon. Totally punctured, Baby takes it slow and easy as she continues indulging herself with deep kisses and the exquisite burn of Kristof’s bristle against her neck and jaws. Her greedy vag pulses with sensation as she arches back a bit and lets herself get lost in the deep friction inbetween them.Turning around in the bathtub, Baby shovels Kristof back inwards and goes to work juggling on his stiffie. The fresh stance lets Kristof admire the way Baby’s donk bounces on every stroke. Reaching forth, he packs his forearms with those lubricious milk cans to help set a pace that is mutually satisfying.Relocating from the bathtub, Baby finally gets the deep invasion that she’s been longing since those highly first few moments. She arches against the counter while Kristof glides into her from behind. His long, giant fuckpole hits all the right catches sight of from this angle, and the gusto is redoubled by Baby sliding her arm down to knead her own clitoris. Baby’s cunt is dousing wet for Kristof as he shoves her higher up on the counter, giving him all of her luving until he releases to glaze her bum in a popshot that leaves her in mind of another sensual tub.

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