Awesome Enjoy – S12:E19 featuring Kabra and Yozi


Juicy and slim Yozi is getting down and dirty with her super-naughty assets in the douche with the help of the red-hot water and slippery soap. Once she is all heated up and eager to bring herself all the way, she runs out of the drizzle to her lover Kabra who is only too glad to help his girl out.Without hesitation Kabra drowns his face in Yozi’s delightful hairless beaver, lapping the water and Yozi’s fluid from her slick puss before settling in for a languid poon munching. Yozi isn’t about to let Kabra have all the joy, so she pulls off his jeans and attaches her hot mushy lips around his good-sized firm dinky in a tastey slow blow-job.When she’s pleased that Kabra’s bone is rock-hard and well-prepped for her, Yozi climbs atop his lap and submerges down on his firm manstick. Between her lover’s shoves and her own juggling hips, Yozi is shortly lovin’ a super-naughty rail.Next Yozi gets up on her mitts and knees and presents her bum for Kabra’s entry. He doesn’t hesitate to push himself deep into her gash. After several short thrusts, Kabra begins a ball smacking cootchie fuckin’ that leaves Yozi groaning her rapture.When the lovers shift to spooning for a more individual coupling, Yozi takes advantage and seeks out a deep, spunky kiss that seals her whinges of happiness. As her lovers pulsing shoves drive her toward the precipice of her climax, Yozi takes control of her own elation and fumbles her nub with mad energy until she erupts with pleasure.Climbing back atop her paramour, Yozi bends forth to plant her petite tits in Kabra’s gullet. His shaft jackhammers her delicate coochie until he drives her to a second fat ejaculation that wanks his own climax from him to pull out a gooey creampie in her welcoming vulva.

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