August 2021 Wish Of The Month – S2:E6 featuring Codey Steele and Lacy Lennon


Lacy Lennon is the August 2021 Wish of the Month, and this super hot ginger-haired has one hell of a vision for us to film. She dreamed to get herself super-cute and dolled up in some handsome underwear, conclude with garters and a set of knee-high shoes that make her gams go on for days. She even knew who she desired to smash to accomplish her fantasy: Codey Steele, in a total cowboy getup.Codey is fully happy to play along if it means he gets a piece of this cowgirl’s steaming backside. As briefly as Codey gets close enough to grope, Lacy elevates her gam to bring him into a three-point embrace. A burning kiss is all the foreplay this pinkish cigar hungry coed needs before she insists on taking things to a candle-lit apartment so they can get down to biz together.The room is a perfect backdrop for Lacy’s wish gusto. She commences with lovin’ the way Codey’s denim hug his hips, but when he makes it clear he wants to get his hatch and frigs onto her cupcakes Lacy is handsome with being lithe. She lets Codey celebrate on her boobies and rock-hard nipples before she gets him on his back, nude, so she can come back the favor by deepthroating down his weenie. Lacy’s deep hatch is 2nd to none, with bunch help from her tongue, palms, and of course blowage activity.When Lacy is temporarily pleased with her fellatio exploration, she takes advantage of Codey’s prone stance to go for a real cowgirl rail. This sweetheart knows how to truly give it all as she arches back and rocks her thighs in a voluptuous pace that brings her off. Her shaven pussy is smooth with her mayo as she keeps on juggling away on the D until she splashes.On her knees, Lacy lets Codey climb on her from behind. Her doggystyle vagina penetrating is punctuated by groans of enjoyment and the spank of Codey’s nads striking her muff. As Codey keeps it up, Lacy buries lower and lower in the couch to switch up the angle of invasion. Finally, she winds up with Codey on his side beside her as he lets her have a short moment to come down from her ejaculation.Codey isn’t done with Lacy fairly yet. Flipping her backwards onto her shoulders so that she’s got her coochie up in the air. Standing above Lacy on the bed, Codey ravages her until she’s yelling with her sheer pleasure. It’s no surprise that Codey can’t hold back from deep-throating his geyser with such a bombshell expanded out beneath him.

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