Art Of Seduction – S28:E4 featuring Lucas Cover and Tara Ashley


Lucas Decorate is surprised by his paramour Tara Ashley, who beckons him back to sofa with a guileless grin. Her slender figure is framed by an open tee-shirt, demonstrating off how wonderful Tara is in a underwear boulder-holder and g-string. When Lucas grips her lips and then tosses her down onto the sofa, Tara is super-steamy and willing and anxious to be enticed.Wasting no time, Lucas smooches his way down his girlfriend’s assets, trailing his lips down her suntanned hip and down to suck shortly on her toes. Draining Tara’s panty to the side, Lucas loses himself in her thick nude honeypot. His lips are soft but hard as he laps away. When he glides his frigs deep, they’re supah hot and hard and just what Tara thirsts.Rolling onto her arms and knees, Tara squeals in gusto as Lucas enters from behind and laves her backside and snatch with his tongue before fucking her once again with his thumbs. Anchoring his mitts on Tara’s thighs, Lucas enters her in one lengthy thrust. He works his hips, pumping Tara utter of schlong as her wails echo off the walls.Bending at the midbody until her back beats Lucas’s torso while he keeps smashing, Tara reaches one palm behind her to pull her boyfriend as close as possible. He coerces, arching in for a smooch as they proceed to tear up like rabbits. Then he presses Tara forward once again until her tummy beats the couch to create an angle of intrusion that is nothing brief of orgasmic.Turning around, Tara affixes her pointy lips around Lucas’s hardon and begins fellating. Lucas loves the way his girlfriend deepthroats him off, but when he reaches out to fumble her muff he finds her still dribbling with enlivenment. He lets her keep blowing for a few more minutes, then arranges Tara on her back with one ankle over his shoulder so he can resume dominating her white pearly hole.Taking things down a notch, Lucas lays down on the sofa and pulls his suntanned lover down on top of him. Tara bends forth to press her forehead against Lucas’s as her thighs undulate for both of their sensation. The intimate moment resumes as they enjoy some spooning hookup, a posture that leaves Tara downright satiated and boneless. When Lucas frees one last time, Tara reaches down to stroke him off until he decorates her vapid tummy in a molten shot of his enjoy.

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