Ante Up – S23:E22 featuring Bambino,Elsa Jean and Sydney Cole


Elsa Jean, Sydney Cole, and Bambino are busy in a strained game of poker where the stakes are both chips and clothes. The femmes beat highly first blood, but before Bambino can attempt to make a comeback Elsa and Sydney decide that playtime is over. It’s not lengthy before they have coaxed Bambino to quit the card game and stir on to a different type of relaxation.Dropping to their knees side by side, Sydney and Elsa take turns smooching each other and Bambino’s hardon. Once they crop his stiffie out, they share it nicely with each damsel getting the opportunity to smooch and munch to her heart’s content. Elsa is the very first to flash her bj skills, but Sydney isn’t about to let her girlfriend outdo her! In between seducing Bambino, the girls work on undressing each other and taunting one another’s sensitized fun bags.When Sydney is finally naked, she helps Elsa out of her mini-skirt and panty. Then the women stand side by side at the table with their backs to Bambino who can barely believe the bounty that awaits him. He starts with Elsa, submerging his face in her thirsty pussy, and then gives Sydney the same approach. When Bambino rises to his soles and presses his meatpipe into Elsa’s pearly coochie, Sydney does whatever it takes to make sure that her gf practices all the delectation she can. Squashing Elsa’s bootie and dropping kisses on her mate’s perky lips leave Sydney plenty turned on and anxious to reach around and fondle her own fun button from behind. Her lust only grows when Elsa leans forth to open-mouth suckle Sydney’s full titties.Mirroring his efforts Sydney, Bambino glides into her vag from behind. Elsa is an anxious participant, wringing Sydney’s funbags and patting her bottom. Inbetween the 2 of them, they are able to leave Sydney almost gutless with aroused enjoyment.Setting Bambino down on the chair, the gals take a moment to admire their rigid toy before Elsa climbs aboard for the very first ride. She takes a moment to get used to the foray, and then commences bouncing away at a breakneck rhythm as Bambino guides her with his yam-sized forearms and Sydney gropes her everywhere. When it’s finally Sydney’s turn for a stiffie ride, she mounts Bambino encountering the opposite direction so that they can all love some delectable multitude.Just like Elsa before her, Sydney takes her time and buzzes her thighs to create lot friction. When she has ultimately deemed herself satiated, she climbs off of Bambino’s rod and joins Elsa in tonguing and throating their favourite toy. Between the 2 of them, they leave Bambino nearly more turned on than when they embarked.Moving things back to the table, Elsa climbs onto the glass top and spreads her gams for Bambino to take her one more time. He glides into her slippery honeypot easily and commences shagging away with faps that are as rock-hard as Elsa could fantasy. That cock-squeezing fit is just what Bambino needs to reach the pinnacle of his pleasure. Releasing, he lets Elsa fap him off the last little bit until he ejaculates all over her stomach, leaving a spill of gloppy gusto behind for the nymphs to share between themselves.

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