Almost There – S33:E1 featuring Jason X and Kate Wealthy


Kate Rich luvs the way Jason X crams out his wifebeater as he cleans her windows. She witnesses him from inwards the house wearing only a undergarments boulder-holder and thong undies. Jason doesn’t observe Kate at first-ever, but she makes sure he knows she’s there as she presses her caboose against the glass and gesticulates him to join her inwards.Always servant to such a sexy fad, Jason heads after Kate to the guest room where he presses his steaming mitt to her cunny over the top of her peekaboo lingerie. His other forearm going to Kate’s tender boobies and rock hard puffies as he slowly but inexorably disrobes his spectacular bounty. Bending back on the sofa and elevating one thigh high, Kate opens herself wide to make way for Jason’s hatch. By the time Jason has pleased himself on Kate’s beaver fluid, Kate’s gullet is watering for a handle of her own. She takes Jason’s hardon in arm and eats the peak. Finding it sugary-sweet, she dives in for a utter on BLOWAGE with pile ball sucking. Since Jason is already lounging prone, it’s easy for Kate to adjust her posture so she is riding his stiffie. Her thighs rock in a sensuous pace as Kate winds her forearms into Jason’s to ground herself amidst the storm of pleasure.Falling to her side, Kate hoists her leg so that Jason can spoon behind her and slide on home. They keep up their voluptuous dance with Jason working his thighs for both of their gusto. When Kate flips onto her hands and knees, Jason laps away at her pooper before he takes her in a doggystyle coupling.Jason keeps it up until Kate’s honeypot is shuddering around him, and then he extracts and leaves her laying on the couch. Shoving 2 frigs deep, he finger humps Kate to another swift ejaculation as she reaches out to jerk Jason off in return. As her sheer pleasure peaks once again, Kate brings Jason to ejaculation so that he shoots his geyser into her waiting open mouth so that it drips down her torso to leave her covered in his enjoy.

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