All For You – S20:E28 featuring Nathaly and Nick Ross


Blondie honey Nathaly struts to the mirror to admire her skintight mini-skirt sundress that is so sheer it leaves nothing to the imagination. Her utter titties and humungous areolas are lightly demonstrable beneath the material, as is her landing de-robe hole. It’s the flawless instrument of temptation for Nick Ross, who is instantly open to Nathaly’s advances when he spies her sultry getup.Pushing Nick onto the sofa, Nathaly makes it clear she’s in charge by smooching her way down her beau’s pecs and then doing a slow striptease that lets him love a gradual unveiling that is red-hot as hell. Once her dress is around her middle, Nathaly gets down on all fours to pull Nick’s stiffie from his boxers so that she can stroke and fellate it. Her oral is sensuous from the very commence, and only gets hotter when she arches back to give him a foot penetrate that’s so enticing she can’t keep her forearms off her own knockers and cunt. Arching forth again, Nathaly shovels her bumpers together for a jug bang to cap off the unbelievable experience she has given Nick. From there, she continues throating her bf off like a Hoover until he’s hard as a rock.As a reward for her unbelievable ORAL DELIGHT, Nick lays Nathaly down on the sofa and parts her hips. Settling between her slender gams, he goes to work with his tongue laving lengthy drains up and down her landing unclothe cootchie. Nick’s talented facehole shortly has his blonde lover writhing and wriggling with the enjoyment of the sensitized tension that he’s applying.When Nick curls up behind Nathaly and spoons with her as he glides deep into her saluting heat, she can’t stop from gasping in arousal. That’s just the embark, and briefly Nick’s long masturbates are filling her up in a sustained tempo that pushes all her buttons. As he realizes his need to pummel his lover even deeper, Nick rises up above Nathaly and embarks a lusty poon nailing.Rolling over onto her tummy, Nathaly gets up on all fours so that Nick can take her from behind. He fucks her firm from this new position, sticking away at her poon. As he gets going swifter and firmer, he moves his hand down from where it is wound in her hair to her thighs to anchor himself in place for the ultimate boink jamboree. This final position lightly gets Nathaly off. Even nicer, it leaves Nick poised to jizm. Nathaly takes advantage, reaching behind as Nick whips out of her white-hot hole and aiming his fuck-stick so that he covers her back and ass in a cum load.

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