All Arms On Deck – S29:E13 featuring Angel Emily,Mary Kalisy and Renato


Angel Emily and Mary Kalisy have decided to have a beach volleyball game with Renato acting as the referee. Dressed in wonderful bathing suits, the damsels keep up their efforts until Renato declares a tie. They go to each other for a high 5 and a kiss to celebrate their mutual strong play, then walk mitt in arm to join Renato where he’s lying in the shade.Working together, the dolls grasp Renato’s lips while they pull his stiffie from his shorts. Angel gets the first taste as she leisurely but steadily gargles Renato’s fellow meat, while Mary likes the delectation of getting her nips deep throated by Renato’s rambling jaws. As Angel continues to deep-throat Renato off, Renato glides his palm into Mary’s bathing suit bottom to stroke her joy button until the air is crammed with the sound of her edible bellows.Mary eventually relinquishes her cunt fingering delectation so she can join Angel in slurping Renato’s chisel. She works on her own deepthroating abilities with Angel from time to time tapping in. Renato takes the opportunity to relax Angel of her boulder-holder, leaving both gals without bra and ultra-kinky. He eventually pays attention to Angel’s much-neglected bottom and vag as he pulls her over his lap and arranges her on her mitts and knees so he can pull her bathing suit bottom down and press his throat to her tasty puss.Pulling Mary’s bathing suit bottom aside, Angel drowns her face in her girlfriend’s coochie to create a poon feasting instruct. Renato switches things up when he gets to his soles and presses his man rod to Angel’s entrance. He slides all the way in, filling her with deep long wanks as Angel proceeds to munch Mary out. The girls can’t keep their satisfaction tranquil as each of them loves the most individual kind of indulgence.When Renato finds himself on his back with Mary railing his faux-cock and Angel riding his gullet, he couldn’t image anywhere he’d rather be. His tongue is slow but sustained on Angel’s labia, while Mary gets to choose her own adventure astride Renato’s stiffie. Arching forth as she rails, Mary suckles Angel’s nips to create an even more delectable practice.Mary’s ride continues when Renato moves to a seated stance. This time she’s got her back to Renato’s face, leaving him to admire the curve of her booty as she screws him. Meantime, Angel gets a utter frontal knocker bouncing flash as she kneads Mary’s bod with her mild hands and sizzling lil’ gullet. When Mary blows a stream off of Renato’s hardon, Angel’s hatch is there to deepthroat him clean of their mutual fluid.The girls arrange themselves in a 69 with Angel on the bottom and Mary pressing her crevasse to Angel’s eager jaws. Angel shifts her knees backwards, making it effortless for Mary to slurp Renato’s dick before he glides it back into Angel’s cock-squeezing glove. Their enjoy triangle only finishes as both gals reach their final satisfaction of the day.On his back on the divan once again, Renato has a stellar sight down his body of two supah hot blondes sharing his man-meat. They deepthroat, stroke, and munch him to the brink of his stamina until he can’t hold back a moment longer. Though his jism shot covers his own tummy, the chicks gobble the head of Renato’s beef whistle clean with thick, sated smiles before sharing a spunk flavored smooch.

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