Absolute Hotty – S21:E2 featuring Aisha and Nick Ross


A pair of crotchless fishnet stocking are all the accoutrements that beautiful Aisha needs to flash off her flexible bod for Nick Ross. He walks in as she’s in the midst of kneading her medium bumpers and pinning her rigid puffies, a pretty photograph who’s absolutely ripe for the taking. When she gesticulates him closer, Nick knows that he would be a loser to decline this invitation.Pressing Aisha back onto the sofa, Nick lil’ by little works his way down her taut assets. He takes a pit stop at her sexy baps, and then heads farther to love the opening in her stocking. Shortly he is gladfully lapping away at the mushy naked vagina between Aisha’s legs that sparkes with the evidence of her wish.After springing Nick’s stiffie free-for-all from his trunks, Aisha gets down on her arms and knees and takes his stud meat in her sensitive hands. Her gullet is red-hot and humid as she devours the head of his boy meat between her delicious lips and embarks inhaling. Albeit she’s an expert at using her mouth, Nick wants something more from this encounter before he gives in to the urge to spunk.Aisha is glad to arch over on her palms and knees so that Nick can get things commenced taking her from behind. His long sure masturbates are a true delight, and she lets him know with her noisy groans of excitement. Her first-ever orgasm leaves her boneless on the couch and practically cooing with the need for another!Now it’s Aisha’s turn to set the pace as Nick lays down on the couch and lets his light-haired paramour sit astride him. She takes him in leisurely, loving the glide of his pecker deep inwards in this new posture. Before long, however, she’s bouncing away joyfully with enough force to make her mammories wiggle like insane. Nick luvs the flash, a fact that he proves as he rolls Aisha over onto her back and goes to town jackhammering her greedy cunt. Rough bang-out does the trick for this vigorous platinum-blonde, who spews in eagerness with a yell of completion. Moments afterwards, Nick whips out to finish by sending his jizm shot flying all over Aisha’s cupcakes all the way down to the sensitized nude snatch that has given him so much elation this afternoon.

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